Christen Condry, Artist

My love of stones extends before I can remember. As a small child, I could spend hours sorting through river stones and mountain rocks, pocketing and carrying with me the beauties I would find. This love only grows stronger, and rather than keeping the allure of the gems hidden away, I love to find ways to wear them and keep them close. My jewelry is a reflection of this love, with amethyst, moonstone, labradorite, and many more stones kept close to their natural states so that their elegance and flashes of light can be enjoyed by not only those who love them, but by everyone who sees you. As a child, I could play with stones all day, and now I have the great fortune of actually creating with them all day!

I have been a jewelry and clothing designer for 18 years, showing my designs all over the United States. Currently, I concentrate on jewelry, with my last few lines revolving around natural stones such as labradorite, moonstone, amethyst, carnelian, amazonite and more, as well as delicate layering necklaces and lots of druzies! I love to create personal designs and welcome any requests for a custom piece of jewelry based on observing your taste and style.